2. Site Policy

Site Policy

This site is managed and operated by the Osaka International Business Promotion Center (hereinafter "Osaka IBPC"). Please read the following before you use this site.


  1.  The documents, photographs, illustrations, sounds, animations, articles, etc. contained on this site are subject to copyright. This site itself is also subject to copyright as a compilation, and these copyrights are protected by the Copyright Act. Since the copyrights essentially belong to Osaka IBPC and the copyrights of some images, etc. are owned by the original authors, unauthorized use or reproduction of those contents is prohibited.
  2.  Except for reproductions for private use, quotations, or other acts permitted under the Copyright Act, be sure to contact the appropriate section of Osaka IBPC in charge of the management of the relevant page before reproducing the contents on this site or using the same for any purposes other than the originally intended purposes.
  3.  The company names, product names, and other names contained on this site may not be used without permission since rights (including trademark rights) to such names belong to their respective right holders.


Links to This Site

This site is essentially link free. Although it is not necessary to contact us in advance, if a link to this site is provided, please advise us (using our contact information shown below) of the URL of the site to which such link is provided, the name of the website, and the name (section) and e-mail address of the site administrator. Please note that we will not be sending back our permission, etc. regarding such links.

  1.  Please note that deletion of the link may be requested if Osaka IBPC considers that the contents of the website to which the link is provided "are illegal or offensive to public order and morals," "cause damage to or undermine the credibility of a third party or Osaka IBPC," or "are otherwise unsuitable to offer a link to this site."
  2.  When a link to this site is to be provided, please clearly indicate that it is a link to this site. No link may be made in a manner that displays a page of this site within the frame.
  3.  Osaka IBPC is not responsible in any way for a problem or damage that may result from linking to this site.

Links from This Site

  1.  Links are provided on this site to certain other websites that "are not illegal or offensive to public order and morals"; "are considered to be fair, to offer useful information, and to be supplementary to the information of Osaka IBPC"; and "are of particular necessity to offer the information on such websites." Please note that otherwise no links are essentially provided to any other websites.
  2.  The links are provided solely for the convenience of the users, and Osaka IBPC does not warrant or endorse the contents, etc. of the link destinations. Since the websites of the link destinations are not under the management of Osaka IBPC, we are not responsible in any way for the contents thereof or for damages that may be caused as a result of the use thereof.


  1.  Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on this site, Osaka IBPC does not warrant the accuracy thereof. Osaka IBPC shall not be held responsible in any way for any acts that the users commit using the information of this site.
  2.  Under no circumstances shall Osaka IBPC be held responsible in any way for damages or losses that may be incurred as a result of the use of this site by the users.
  3.  Please be advised in advance that the contents or address of this site may be subject to change or deletion without notice.

Prohibited Acts

When using this site, the following acts are prohibited:

  1.  An act that interferes with, or causes inconvenience to, the operation of this site;
  2.  An act that causes or is likely to cause a problem, disadvantage, or breach of privacy for any other user, third party, or Osaka IBPC;
  3.  An act that offends or is likely to offend the public order and morals;
  4.  An act that is in breach of laws and regulations or ordinances.
  5.  In addition to the foregoing, an act that Osaka IBPC considers inappropriate.

Contact Information

For any inquiries concerning this site policy, please contact:

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